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Star Valley real estate overview

Geographically, Star Valley is a long but narrow area in northern Lincoln County that stretches more than 40 miles from the town of Alpine at its northern end to Smoot in the south.

Early settlers named it “The Star of all Valleys,” which was shortened in subsequent years though the marvel of new visitors has never waned. While I am licensed in all of Wyoming, my real estate expertise is focused on the northen end of Star Valley, which includes the towns of Alpine, Etna, Freedom, Thayne and Bedford.

Geographically this sub-valley is framed by the Snake River Canyon to the north, the Salt River Range to the East, the Caribou Mountains to the West. The valley is bifurcated by the Salt River, which flows north into Palisades Reservoir where it joins the Snake River and Greys River. 

The predominant lifestyle in this rural Wyoming community has revolved around agriculture, and large swaths of irrigated farmland still define the landscape. The last 20 years have seen steady and significant growth, however.

The Alpine Airpark has matured into a high-end community with sales of hangars and single-family homes at the highest prices in all of Star Valley. Town of Alpine has expanded to include scores of new homes in the fast-growing Alpine Meadows subdivision, where single-family homes priced at or below $500,000 serve Jackson commuters and new residents. Commercial development at the mouth of Snake River Canyon is following the rapidly increasing population with several large projects having broken ground in recent quarters.

This growth is slowly spreading south, with large developments started and planned near Etna and Thayne, which will coincide with an expansion of Highway 89 through this corridor. Record numbers of vacant land sales in 2020 surely will manifest in a changing look and feel for northern Star Valley.

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